The Wing


The power, grace and colour of the bird wing protects and dazzles. The Wing scarf is a tribute to the playful power of the bird kingdom. Available in six bird-inspired colour combinations.


The story

The world of birds is one of dazzling variety and colour. They offer dreams of flight and freedom, exploration and escape. As such they have always had great power as symbols and figures in folklore. In Iceland, even in times of great hardship eating birds was taboo, as they were seen as the harbingers of Spring. Often they were felt to be guardian spirits, offering guidance and protection. 

And the bird kingdom is rich with colourful characters...

The Raven
The raven, blessed with the gift of prophecy, wisdom and great intelligence has often been revered as a spirit or even a god. Stories from the first Icelandic settlers tell of ravens offering them kindness and assistance, a protective presence in a harsh landscape. And as it soars, the raven's sooty black feathers are said to creak, like the rustle of silk.

The Swan
Gliding gracefully across the water, the elegance of the swan belies the enormous strength of its wings and the fierceness of its temperament. In some traditions it is seen as the symbol of the very soul itself, its sculptural white form representing purity and grace. 

The Eagle 
The Eagle is the mightiest and most majestic of all birds. Inspiring awe as it soars high in air, it is the King of Skies, often said to be a messenger of the Gods. A fierce protector of its young, it emanates nobility, strength and regal power.

With its gift for mimicry, the parrot's place in folklore is as the mischievous companion of man, reflecting his character back to him. They are open, colourful and cheeky, looking to connect and communicate. 

King Eider
The Eider duck, with its distinctive shielded forehead, is the largest in the Northern hemisphere. It is often seen as a symbol of both freedom and resilience, able to take off at any moment, but also willing to endure the changing seasons without complaint. 

With its bright feathers and outrageous shape, the flamingo carries the spirit of display and sociability. Living in huge colonies, they are vibrant and outgoing birds, using their collective power to avoid predators. Their bright colour is reflected in their very name, which can be traced back to 'flamenco', the Latin for 'fire'.

About the product

Double knit from 100% Icelandic wool for extra warmth and comfort, Wing scarves let you carry the spirit of the bird wherever you go. Blanket-stitched ends provide a quality finish from wing tip to wing tip. 

The range of colour combinations reflects the spirit of six very different birds: Raven, Swan, Eagle, Papageno, King Eider and Flamingo.

The Wing scarf offers a sense of the power and playfulness only having wings can give. 

As with all Vík Prjónsdóttír designs, The Wing scarf is the product of a design and production process based on working closely with traditional Icelandic knitwear factories and producers.

The material

Icelandic sheep have evolved over more than 1,000 years in complete isolation, influenced only by the harsh climate and rugged landscape. This has helped to create a wool with a unique combination of fibres, unlike any other in the world. 

The soft, fine inner fibres provide insulation and are strongly resistant to the cold. Meanwhile, the tough outer fibres are long and glossy, making them water resistant. 

So: hardy, lightweight, warm and water-repellant. And, as the sheep's fleece grows every year as they graze in nature, this is a truly renewable resource.

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